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'Mitsuko Delivers' opens in cinemas May 11th exclusively at the ICA

'Mitsuko Delivers', the newest film from 'Sawako Decides' director Yuya Ishii, opens at the ICA Cinema from May 11th and runs until May 24th

Electrifying Japanese talent Yûya Ishii’s (A Man With Style) breathless new comedy tells the story of a thirtysomething woman (Riisa Naka, Summer Wars) who’s at a delicate juncture in life; alone, flat broke and to top it all nine-months pregnant. Her folks think she’s in California living the high life with her baby’s GI father. In fact she’s in Tokyo, searching for a purpose, and eventually finding one in the ramshackle working-class alley where she grew up. The place reeks of destitution and bone idleness, but Mitsuko’s infectious get-up-and-go attitude soon compels the locals to roll up their sleeves and restore the alley to its former glory. Mitsuko Delivers is original, fanciful and adventurous – quintessentially Japanese.

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