Third Window Films Newsletter

Important news about upcoming releases!

Due to the current uncertainty of HMV/FOPP/PLAY.COM/BLOCKBUSTER and the current mess of the UK entertainment market, we unfortunately have to push back some of our 2013 releases.

Takashi Miike's FOR LOVE'S SAKE - will be pushed back to JUNE 10th

Kiyoshi Kurosawa's EYES OF THE SPIDER / SERPENT'S PATH will be moved to late summer. Release date TBC

VULGARIA will keep its April 15th release date

Everything else on hold.

We are in a very bad position, as is the UK market so please bear with us and please place your orders with AMAZON for now as they seem to be one of the only places that are going as usual.

For now, all the support that we can get would be much appreciated, so please tell all your friends about Third Window Films and you can buy titles from us at our Amazon shop at: or