Third Window Films Newsletter

The Third Window Films Online Store is back open!

It's back! For a limited time only (probably until the end of Summer), the official Third Window Films store will be open selling our catalogue of DVDs and Blu-rays (plus some posters too!) at very cheap prices, ordered directly from us!

All DVDs (with the exception of limited editions) are priced at £5
All Blu-rays (with the exception of limited editions) are priced at £10

FREE SHIPPING within the UK / Flat-rate shipping elsewhere

Grab yourself a bargain now at:

p.s. FOR LOVE'S SAKE and VULGARIA (plus other upcoming new releases) will NOT be sold on the Third Window store. It's very important for us for the film to do well in HMV and on Amazon so that they continue to work with us during these times when independents are falling like flies. Please can you order (and pre-order if possible) from Amazon/HMV for those titles. Thanks!!