Third Window Films Newsletter

Third Window Films acquires 3 new Korean titles!

To go along with our recent Korean acquisitions of How to Use Guys with Secret Tips and Boomerang Family we are pleased to announce the acquisitions of 3 more Korean films: Pluto, Bleak Night and Behind the Camera.

After a few years after a 100% focus on Japanese cinema, we are happy to put a lot of 2014's focus on new Korean cinema with the recent acquisition of these 5 titles.
Fitting in with our focus as a brand, we have mixed up genres and films from first timers to seasoned directors.

With How to Use Guys with Secret Tips we have a very quirky parody and amusing satire of current Korean rom-coms by a director whose first film has made him a huge name to watch in the upcoming years. With the critical success of How to Use Guys he has already received a new job for a big budget new feature, so we can't wait to share his debut!

Boomerang Family sees Song Hae-Sung, the seasoned director of Failan, Calla, Rikidozan and more, return with a pitch-black comedy about a dysfunctional family that will surely have you rolling in the aisles with laughter!

Behind the Camera is another comedy by a seasoned director in E-J Yong (Untold Scandal, Dasepo Naughty Girls) which is a hilarious and satirical mockumentary which will surely be championed by all those very passionate fans of Korean cinema who will love the great in-jokes given out by a who's who of Korean cinema.

Returning to the darker side we have another stellar debut film with Bleak Night, a dark and compelling look at a death between a closely night group of friends. From the Korean Film Academy, it's a great pointer at where Korean young directors are leading new Korean cinema to.

Finally we have Pluto, one of the real stand-out films of the year from the independent film scene in Korea. The 2nd feature from talented director Shin Su-won deals with murder and corruption in the fiercely competitive education system in Korea.

We hope you enjoy all our Korean cinema in 2014!