Third Window Films Newsletter

Shinya Tsukamoto's Tokyo Fist now out on Blu-ray!

For the first time EVER Shinya Tsukamoto's cult classic TOKYO FIST is now available in high definition on blu-ray from Third Window Films.

We have spent a lot of time and effort working alongside Shinya Tsukamoto and have restored his brutal boxing film from his original negatives to make the film look better than ever before! The blu-ray release also includes a brand new interview with Tsukamoto as well as a new UK trailer and original Japanese trailer.

To cap things off we have created a nice package which features a cardboard slipcase and then reversible illustrated sleeves for the film.

We also have it out on DVD in its new remastered format for those of you who don't own a blu-ray player.

Pick it up on our Amazon store now:

Plus look out for our upcoming release of BULLET BALLET out December 30th. Available to pre-order now!