Third Window Films Newsletter

Third Window Films acquires 2 new cult films and announce our 2014 release lineup

Third Window Films are pleased to announce the acquisition of 2 cult, but very different types of films from Japan. First off is the very well-known and big budget LESSON OF EVIL from Takashi Miike, which has been a big hit at all genre film festivals and frequently requested by our audience, so we are happy to be able to add it to our 2014 lineup. We will aim for a small theatrical and then will bring it out on Blu-ray, DVD and VOD, with the video releases to contain a 2 hour long making of!

On the other side of the spectrum from the big name and big studio we have Eiji Uchida’s GREATFUL DEAD which is a totally off-the-wall mix of black comedy and strangeness which has drawn many comparisons to Sion Sono and especially LOVE EXPOSURE, but goes even further with its level of dark humour and violence. Surprisingly it’s still pretty unknown, with it so far only having played at 2 festivals with both Raindance in the UK and Fantastic Festival in the States giving it good showings.

We pride ourselves in providing a real variety when it comes to bringing Asian cinema to the West, and we think that the range between both the big budget and well-known Lesson of Evil and the unknown and independent Greatful Dead is what sets us apart from other distributors, so we’re happy to include them in our 2014 lineup which includes an even bigger scope of films from Korea and Japan with comedies, dramas, mockumentaries, thrillers and more lined up for next year. After the mess that was HMV going into administration this year and causing nation-wide problems in the UK, we hope to bounce back and have a strong year in 2014 by continuing to provide the link between Asia and the West with both the big and small, the known and unknown and the best of Asian cinema in the UK.

As much as we can we will try to release on bluray, especially for titles which truly benefit from the quality upgrade, but due to our financial situation these releases are limited.

January 27th – How to Use Guys with Secret Tips
February 24th – Boomerang Family
March 24th – Shady
April – The Story of Yonosuke (Bluray)
May – Pluto (Bluray)
July – Bleak Night
August – Lesson of Evil (Bluray)
September – Behind the Camera
October – Greatful Dead
November – Sake Bomb

Release dates may change.