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Ryohei Watanabe's SHADY now out on DVD

One of the most highly acclaimed debuts from Japan in years, SHADY from Ryohei Watanabe is now out on DVD.

With a microbudget of less than £10,000 from a first time 24 year old director, SHADY has rightly been receiving all sorts of international acclaim, winning the Cinema Fan and Entertainment Awards at the PIA Film Festival and nominated for Best Debut Film at the Raindance Film Festival, plus nothing but admiration from critics the world over!

Here's your chance to own what critics say as:

"“Shady” really is an amazing debut for Ryohei Watanabe, and a gripping psychological drama that comes with a vicious emotional punch. Succeeding both as a dark depiction of teen loneliness and infatuation and as a portrayal of homicidal lunacy, it’s a taut, involving and disturbing film which will doubtless continue to find admirers." - James Mudge, Beyond Hollywood

"Powerful, gripping and ultimately moving, Ryohei Watanabe and his two leads deserve all the praise they get. Shady is one of the most accomplished movie releases of the year, a startling achievement and a stunning debut. Amazing." - 24 Frames Per Second

Available for the first time on DVD in the WORLD - Our release contains exclusive interviews with both the director and main actresses

Now out on DVD and available to buy in our Amazon shop at: