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Takashi Miike's Lesson of Evil now out on DVD & Blu-ray

Takashi Miike once again shows us that he can do what no other director can and brings us the totally bonkers schoolroom horror/thriller/black comedy LESSON OF EVIL, which is now out on DVD & Blu-ray

Cool and charismatic English teacher Seiji Hasumi (Hideaki ITO) is popular with students and teachers alike. He inspires trust and respect from his class, greeting many with an affectionate, if irritating, ruffle of the hair. But his actions soon take a turn, revealing something dark behind that charming smile. Students become suspicious when friends slowly start to disappear, but little do they know that absolute jaw-dropping carnage is just around the corner.

"A cross between Battle Royale and Confessions"
- James Mudge, Beyond Hollywood

"For those who enjoy their humour jet black and their violence extreme”
James Marsh, Twitch

“Miike’s return to ultra-violence is exactly what we’ve been wanting and should absolutely not be missed.”
-Jonathan Barkan, Bloody Disgusting

The first 1,000 copies on DVD & Blu-ray feature a limited edition glossy slipcase so don't miss out on getting them now!

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