Third Window Films Newsletter

Third Window Films' New Acquisitons & 2015 Release Schedule!

Jan 26th - Greatful Dead (グレイトフルデッド) - DVD/BLU-RAY
(Black & unique horror/thriller similar to Sion Sono's Love Exposure)

April 13th - Han Gong-ju (한공주) - DVD/BLU-RAY
(One of the biggest award-winners of the past year from debut director Lee Sujin)

May 11th - Fukuchan of Fukufuku Flats (福福荘の福ちゃん) - DVD
(the latest from Fine, Totally Fine director Yosuke Fujita)

May 25th - Be My Baby (恋の渦) - DVD
(Satire on Japanese youth from director of Moteki - Love Strikes)

June 22nd - The World of Kanako (渇き) - DVD/BLU-RAY
(the director of Confessions brings us into dark descent into a dirty cop's hell)

August/September - A Snake of June (六月の蛇) - Blu-ray
(the first ever blu-ray release of Shinya Tsukamoto's erotic classic)

Plus Third Window Films will work together with The Raid’s Gareth Evans to bring 3 Takeshi Kitano titles to English subtitled blu-ray for the first time, with all 3 featuring new 2K HD transfers. Gareth Evans, a huge admirer of Kitano, says “how important it is as a fan for these films to finally see an English subtitled HD release. These are essential works of a master director.” Each film will feature an exclusive introduction from Evans.

October - Fireworks (はなび)
November - Kikujiro (菊次郎の夏)
December - Dolls (ドールズ)

Trailers to all these can be found at:

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