Third Window Films Newsletter

Third Window Films latest acquisitions!

We are very pleased to announce the acquisition of 3 new Asian titles, all very different, but all unique and entertaining!

Uzumasa Limelight - The tale of the life of a Japanese actor who is said to have died over 50,000 times!
Winner of AUDIENCE AWARDS at: Nippon Connection, Camera Japan, Fantasia, New York Asian Film Festival, Japanese Film Festival Ireland
And winner of the BEST ACTOR award at Fantasia Film Festival!
Watch the trailer at:

Ruined Heart: Another Love Story between a Criminal and a Whore - For you fans of Underwater Love, German production company Rapid Eye Movies teams up again with acclaimed cinematographer Christopher Doyle, French/German synthpop band Stereo Total, crazy Philippine director Khavn and Japanese superstar Tadanobu Asano!
Watch the trailer at:

Love and Peace - Sion Sono returns with the film he has been trying to make for 25 years, a film he says "is my life, my soul, my everything"! Get excited for Sono's ultimate passion project, a kaijyu music masterpiece starring Hiroki Hasegawa of Why Don't You Play in Hell!
Watch the trailer at:

Keep checking back for release dates and more info!

But in some sad news we are sorry to say that our release of THE WORLD OF KANAKO has been cancelled due to some distribution issues.... Another UK distributor has picked it up off us so don't worry as it will get a UK release.