Third Window Films Newsletter

3 Takeshi Kitano films coming to bluray!

We are very happy to be able to present, for the first time ever with English subtitles, 3 classic Takeshi Kitano films on bluray: Hanabi, Kikujiro and Dolls

All feature new 2K remasters from Office Kitano!
The first 1000 copies of each feature cardboard slipcases with new illustrated artwork by Marie Bergeron supported by Filmdoo's Film Creativity Competition.

Hana-bi - January 11th -
30 minute documentary from the film's original release
Interview with Takeshi Kitano from the film's original release
New Audio commentary by film critic Mark Schilling
New trailer

Kikujiro - February 22nd -
Jam Session - 90 minute documentary on Kikujiro directed by the award-winning Japanese director Makoto Shinozaki

Dolls - March 14th -
Interviews with Takeshi Kitano, Miho Kanno, Hidetoshi Nishijima & Yohij Yamamoto
Behind the Scenes
Video from the film's premiere at the Venice Film Festival

All 3 are now available for pre-order prices of just £14 on Amazon so order now using the links above!