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Destruction Babies now out on DVD & Bluray!

Destruction Babies, Winner of the Best New Director at the Locarno Festival, starring Cannes Film Festival winner YUYA YAGIRA (winner for Nobody Knows) and on almost all the domestic Top 10 lists in Japan for the Best Films of 2016 and winner of many many awards in Japan, is now out on DVD & Bluray!
"Raucous rebel filmmaking at its brutal best." - Anton Bitel, Little White Lies magazine
"a movie that does take violence to an uncomfortable level." - Pissed Off Geek
"reminiscent of both Fight Club, Clockwork Orange and Funny Games" - Love Horror
"a combination of Miike’s “Izo”, Tsukamoto’s “Tokyo Fist” and Toyoda’s “Pornostar“." Asian Movie Pulse

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