Third Window Films Newsletter

Third Window celebrates 10 years of releases!

While Third Window Films officially setup and started acquiring titles in 2005, our very first release was May 21st, 2007 with TWF001 - NO BLOOD NO TEARS.

What many people don't realize is that Third Window Films is an incredibly small company, essentially a one-man operation with no real office or major financial ties, so we are actually in a completely different league to many other similar sized companies. Since our first release 10 years ago, we have gone through many ups and downs; worked hard to navigate the ever-changing fabric of film distribution and its formats; distributed nearly 90 films, producing 4 (including setting up our own production company in Japan); handled international sales on many titles; and even produced and released a vinyl record! It's certainly been a wild ride!

Though we would have never been able to get this far without you guys! You are really true fans of cinema who have a hunger for exploring the various aspects of Japanese and Asian cinema, not just settling with the basic genre titles which many other bigger companies have been spreading to the West. You guys have helped us introduce many aspects of culture within film and allowed us to showcase many young, rising talents and helped cultivate them, so it's all thanks to you lot!!! While with all the recent turmoil going on, asking for another 10 years is probably a bit of a stretch, let's just try hard to see how much further we can go!!

Thank you all!!!!

In celebration, we will be running competitions across our social networks starting May 21st, so make sure to follow them for a chance to enter: