Lala Pipo: A Lot of People


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Based on a 2005 collection of short stories by Okuda Hideo, written for the screen by Tetsuya Nakashima (director of Memories of Matsuko and Kamikaze Girls) and shot in his candy-colored, hyper-surreal style, ‘Lala Pipo’ is a crawl through the gutters of the porn industry in an desperate search for the hidden humanity of all the pimps, players, voyeurs, gangsters, hookers, A/V stars, and gangbang queens who make up the motley population of planet porno. These folks, from a smarmy porno industry scout to a socially phobic freelance writer, may look and behave like cartoons, but all represent real types in Tokyo s skewed urban landscape. Interweaving stories of the lost, the desperate, the horny and the repressed, ‘Lala Pipo’ (a wordplay on “A lot of people,”) ultimately finds hope in the darkest – and stickiest – places


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