School in the Crosshairs


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This early “idol” movie by genre master Nobuhiko Obayashi (House) stars Hiroko Yakushimaru, then the heart-throb of millions of Japanese fans.
Hiroko Yakushimaru plays Yuko, a high school girl who must defend her school from an extraterrestrial attack. A new transfer student is using her psychic abilities to transform their school into a conformist, almost fascistic staging area for an alien takeover of the Earth, while coercing her classmates into going along. Discovering her own latent telekinetic abilities, Yuko teams up with Koji, her budding boyfriend from the kendo club, to fight off the invaders.


TWFBD070A | Region B | Released: 4 Dec 2023

• Selected audio commentary by Aaron Gerow
• Interview with Chigumi Obayashi
• Translation Notes by Owen Baron
• Original Trailer

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