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Third Window Films
Third Window Films Newsletter #108
Welcome to the Third Window Films newsletter for April 2021! We've got some interesting news for upcoming releases plus a look at other Asian-film related happenings in the UK!

Easter Sale
March 30-April 13

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Upcoming titles!

One Cut of the Dead: Hollywood Edition
Out May 31st

A Limited edition 2000 unit pressing of the Japanese box office smash 'One Cut of the Dead' featuring 4 hours of content, including the spin-off film 'One Cut of the Dead in Hollywood'.

Bluray Features
• “One Cut of the Dead” Movie (96 mins)
• “One Cut of the Dead in Hollywood” Spin-off Movie (57 mins)
• Making of One Cut of the Dead (45 mins)
• Director Shinichiro Ueda Interview (18 mins)
• Raw “One Cut of the Dead” GoPro footage (38 mins)
• POM Instruction Video (1 min)
• “One Cut of the Dead” Outtakes (5 min)
• Slipcase featuring artwork by Grégory Sacré (Gokaiju)
• Reversible Sleeve with artwork from both movies
• Limited to 2000 copies

Out May 31st!

Tezuka's Barbara
Out June 28th

Directed by Macoto Tezka (Legend of the Stardust Brothers)
Cinematography by Christopher Doyle (Hero, In the Mood for Love)
Based on a manga from Osamu Tezuka (Astro Boy)
Starring Fumi Nikaido (Himizu) and Goro Inagaki (ex-SMAP)

WINNER – Best Film – 40th FantaFestival
WINNER – Best Director – 2020 Lusca Fantastic Film Festival


• Behind the Scenes (30 mins)
• Interview with director Macoto Tezka (30 mins)
• Interview with cinematographer Christopher Doyle (12 mins)
• Interview with actor Goro Inagaki (15 mins)
• Interview with actress Fumi Nikaido (7 mins)
• Deleted Scenes and Alternate Ending (6 mins)
• All Region DVD and Bluray


Out on June 28th!

Pink Films Vol 5 & 6
Now out!

The next in our series of newly remastered Japanese pink films produced by Keiko Sato

おんなの河童  directed by Shinji Imaoka (2011, 83 minutes)
Directed by pink-film veteran Shinji IMAOKA (Lunch Box, Frog Song), shot by Christopher Doyle – the famed cinematographer behind Hero and countless films by Wong Kar Wai – and with music by Germany’s Stereo Total, Underwater Love – A Pink Musical promises to be unlike anything you’ve ever seen.
おんな地獄唄 尺八弁天  directed by Mamoru Watanabe (1970, 75 minutes) 
Katori Tamaki, the star of the first ever pink film, Flesh Market (1962), stars as the roaming outlaw Okayo, also known as Benten due to the prominent tattoo of the Buddhist Goddess of Love emblazoned across her back. Inspired by Toei’s popular late-60s Red Peony Gambler female yakuza series.

Special bonus film: FORBIDDEN TECHNIQUES
禁じられたテクニック directed by Kan Mukai (1966, 71 minutes)
After meeting a prostitute, a former boxing champion recalls his past life.
*German dubbed with English subtitles

Region B Bluray

Now out on bluray!

Ujicha: Violence Voyager / Burning Buddha Man

2 features and 3 short films from the weird and wonderful world of Japanese GEKIMATION master UJICHA!
Violence Voyager (2018, 83 min)
Bobby and his friend Akkun set out for the mountains to build a secret hideout. On their way, they stumble upon a mysterious amusement park called Violence Voyager. It doesn’t take long for things to get weird as the boys discover a group of scared children who can’t seem to escape and soon find themselves under attack by robot-like humanoids.

Burning Buddha Man (2013, 81 min)
There is a series of Buddha statue thefts in Kyoto. Beniko, a high school girl, gets the Buddha statue at her family’s temple stolen and has her parents killed at the same time. She needs to know what caused the death of a parents and dreams of revenge. She goes on a fantastical journey to ultimately face the demon.

Disc 1: Violence Voyager
Uncut original Japanese language version
Audio commentary from director Ujicha and producer Reo Anzai
Interview with director Ujicha (20min)
Short Film: Tempura (4min)
Teaser of Ujicha’s latest film
Original Trailer
Disc 2: The Burning Buddha Man
Short Film: The Retnepac2 (16min)
Short Film: Space Yokai War (9min)
Original Trailer
Reversible sleeve artwork
Region B

Back in Stock!

Terracotta Distribution
Meatball Machine out April 12th

The Japanese splatter classic Meatball Machine released in high definition. Terracotta are releasing just 2,000 copies with this illustration and slipcase.

Special Extras

Exclusive director interview with Yudai Yamaguchi
Cast and Crew Interviews – 'Maximum Meatball Machine'
'Reject of Death' short film
'What's about Doi?' short film
'Illustration build-up' showcasing the cover art process by artist Simon Heard
Trailer: Original Meatball Machine trailer
Trailer: Meatball Machine: Kodoku (dir.Yoshihiro Nishimura)
Audio commentary by Issei Takahashi, Yudai Yamaguchi and Yoshihiro Nishimura
Keita Amemiya / Shinichi Hiromoto  – Concept Designs
Images Gallery

Released on 12th April, available now for pre-order

Stardust Brothers on Vinyl!
Limited edition now out!

Here's the chance to own the catchy tunes from the 80s Japanese cult musical THE LEGEND OF THE STARDUST BROTHERS on Vinyl!
Newly remastered for vinyl
12 inch LP & 7 inch EP combi set
Very limited numbers!

Order from the Arrow store here

Arrow Films

Battle Royale – 4K Bluray & UHD

The kids of Third Year Class-B Shiroiwa Junior High School are back, in a brand new 4K restoration of the classic cult shocker adapted from the controversial novel by Koushun Takami.
Playing like a turbo-charged hybrid of Lord of the Flies and The Most Dangerous Game, the final completed work by veteran yakuza film director Kinji Fukasaku (Battles without Honor and HumanityGraveyard of Honor) helped launch a new wave of appreciation for Asian cinema in the 21st century. Also included in the set is the incendiary sequel Battle Royale II, the directing debut of Kenta Fukasaku (after his father passed away during production), in which a new class of delinquents are recruited by the government to hunt down the survivor of the deadly games of the first film.

Out April 26th

Giants and Toys

Giants and Toys is a sharp and snappy corporate satire revolving around the ruthless machinations of a group of admen working in the confectionary industry.
Making its worldwide Blu-ray debut, this lurid adaptation of the award-winning 1957 novel by Ken Kaiko is considered a landmark in Japanese film history and a key work by Yasuzo Masumura (Blind BeastRed Angel), one of the country’s most highly acclaimed directors of his generation. Its absurdist and acidly cynical take on the excesses of the media and advertising worlds recalls the work of Frank Tashlin (Will Success Spoil Rock Hunter?), as it presents a garish vision of a bold new postwar Japan where traditional company values come head-to-head with American-style consumer capitalism.

Out May 10th


Drawn from the pen of one of Japan’s foremost writers of the 20th century, Junichiro Tanizaki (A Fool’s LoveThe Makioka Sisters), Irezumi is a stylish tale of lust, betrayal and revenge directed by Yasuzo Masumura (Giants and ToysBlind Beast).
Available for the first time outside of Japan in a new 4K restoration, Irezumi sports some of Japanese cinema’s most respected talent of its day both in front of and behind the camera. The bewitching cinematography by Kazuo Miyagawa (RashomonUgetsu) captures the sensual atmosphere of the period setting, while the script by Kaneto Shindo (OnibabaKuroneko) lends a modern twist to this feverish meditation on obsession and the act of creation.
Out June 21


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